This page is only in relation to Second Life

Please read carefully. Upon approval, that you agree to the TOS (Terms of Service) of Jack Hanby Interiors

All inquiries about Jack Hanby Interiors services are forbidden via Instagram and Flickr, please use our Facebook page or contact Vadea Resident inworld @ Second Life.

Other platforms will be discarded and ignored to avoid confusion.

After contacting Vadea Resident (Jack Hanby Interiors Manager) about project inquiries,

you’ll be given a ‘project’ notecard Inworld. Please choose the packages precisely before making the payment.

All payments are final, & no refunds are given.

75% of the fee must be paid before commencing the project.

If you choose to jump the queue instead of being put on the waiting list you’ll be expected to pay the entire fee upfront + L$25,000.

A) Jack Hanby Interiors is not a clutter decorating agency.

B) All decor is tailored to the initial home that you chose. You will be charged a 2,500L per room fee that has to be moved and re-tailored (if we are using the same furniture & Style). If not you will be charged a full price per room at the rate of 5,000L per room. We take a lot of time and dedication to make your home perfect.

Being indecisive cost us time & money. So please be sure. There are no refunds.

C) 75% of the cost must be paid upfront for the remaining upon completion.

D) Please invite Zhaoi Resident, Kardiano Resident & Vadea Resident to your security orb or sim access list.

E) If your land is deeded to a group, for access please invite Zhaoi Resident, Kardiano Resident, & Vadea Resident.

F) Make sure you have added Zhaoi Resident inworld, and please send Zhaoi Resident edit rights, to move your builds to a specific location, once complete you may revoke edit rights.

G) Each project is given 1 month only, if you go beyond, Jack Hanby Interiors has the right to drop the project. This rule does not apply if Jack Hanby Interiors is unable to attend due to real-life circumstances, therefore he’ll let you know in advance and will extend the time period.

H) Jack Hanby Interiors will view your notecard before commuting on site of project. If you decide to redo your project, you will be given 24 hours to redo it, or else you will be put behind the line. 

I) If you don’t make the final payment, Jack Hanby Interiors has the given right to remove 30% of the project 

J) Jack Hanby Interiors, is mainly focused on Interiors, with the exception of Exterior decorating.

K) Jack Hanby Interiors will do landscaping if their Interiors or Exterior decorating involved.

L) Jack Hanby Interiors will only give an exception to landscape projects if; The project is a quarter, half or full sim. Anything smaller is a waste of time.

M) Jack Hanby Interiors has the right to take photos or video footage of your project.

N) If you don’t have the house you want prior to Jack Hanby Interiors contacting you a week before the project, your project will be canceled and you will need to wait at the back of the line. 

O) When you contact Jack Hanby Interiors (Via Vadea Resident *only*) it’s important that once you have read the ToS, agreed and filled out the NC that you send it back to Vadea Resident. And then Jack Hanby will contact you personally 2 weeks before the project. 

P) We don’t supervise clients and ask that you know exactly what you want and have filled out the notecard, the better the description the better the result will be. 

Q) After your project is done, you’ll be given a 48 hour grace period to pay the 75% remainder (Unless you have paid full in advance) Otherwise 30% of your project will be removed until final payment is addressed, please also refer to B) Rooms that need to be retailored with the same furniture will be charged L$2,500 so your total will be what the 75% remainder plus the L$2,500 fee per room. If you have been given your deadline and haven’t given notice until after the deadline about changes, you will be charged L$5,000 on top to cover for new furniture’s used.

R) When you go to purchase the HUD for the application, you will be charged L$1,000 this small fee will come out of one of the rooms for your project. Example; You hire JHI for 3 rooms, 2 rooms will be L$10,000 and 1 room will be L$4,000. This method is so ensure that Notecards don’t get deleted or lost on our end and are saved securely on the Google system.

S) If your estimated date has passed and you have been contacted about beginning your project but are held up with real life, this is understandable and we can reschedule. However this will only be applicable once, if you choose to reschedule once more you will be asked to fill out the application again. For example hiring JHI for February but wanting to rebook for July, to only wanting to rebook again to August. We’d like an up to date application form so that we can best tailor your vision to come to virtual reality to something current and updated.

T) After the deadline and grace period you will be charged L$1,500 for per week as your contact is over. Refer to section G) You will be given 1 month unless otherwise. If you go beyond, JHI can drop the project or will extend the time for the fee of Section T)

FAQ: Common questions

Q) Why so expensive?

A) Unlike other Interior decorating services in Second Life that are much cheaper and affordable, Jack Hanby Interiors is one of very few, that has industry structure, with a highly educated knowledge of experience, which is used to create realistically, & beautifully modern, minimalist interiors. You’re apart of the project, we discuss it together, we build a very 1on1 bond to make sure our client’s wishes are met, whilst we put 100% into your project. Jack Hanby Interiors works alongside & is partnered with various content creators which can provide custom upholstery or products in general that make your home more unique.

Q) Do you have payment plans?

A) We sure do! If your project consists of 10+ rooms, we can work out a plan & that can be discussed on the day that we meet on-site, before project begins. 

Q) Can I receive a refund?

A) The only given exception to a refund is whether it’s on my fault. Otherwise as stated in the ToS, refunds are not given out. 

Q) Are you hiring?

A) Jack Hanby Interiors believes it’s crucial to be educated in the field of what you’re wanting to pursue. Jack Hanby Interiors is not a side-line hobby, but a project that instructs with a high-level standard. We’re always on the lookout for other like-minded individuals that want to be apart of a project, that being said we ask that you have at least some industry knowledge in the field. We’re looking for other Interior Designers, Exterior Designers and in terms of landscape design, we’d ask that you have an understanding of agriculture. 

Q) Is a small project ever too small?

A) Never! Whether you’re interested in revamping your kitchen, bathroom or living room, always feel free to contact Jack Hanby Interiors, to get started on your new-awaiting interior space. 

Q) What happens to the L$ that has been transferred over?

A) Jack Hanby Interiors doesn’t cash out any of the L$ that are made off from the project. After all, Jack Hanby Interiors is a prototype project. The L$ is divided into two. The larger portion goes towards the project(s) whilst the smaller portion goes towards inventory that is nonrelated to the client project but will help to fund with another project that doesn’t involve a clientele basis. 

Q) What do you mean by prototype?

A) Jack Hanby Interiors was designed to be a way to accommodate and help Jack Hanby himself to express his passion and love for Interior Design. All projects are stored on file and are uploaded to his Flickr, along with university work, & work experience. Therefor Jack Hanby Interiors is just an outlet for him to get a hands-on environment with clients, whilst he builds upon his portfolio. 

Q) Do you provide houses if I don’t have a house?

A) I am limited to the extent of houses, but I do have ample options to choose from when we sit down and discuss your project, I can show you a short display of homes. 

Q) Are there any creators you don’t support?

A) A few creators aren’t supported by Jack Hanby Interiors, these reasons can vary and differentiate depending on the creator themselves. If you have a house that you would be keen on using, by a creator I don’t support, we can still use the house.

Q) I want to use my own items, Can I?

A) You can, however, this process will take longer as I would need multiple copies of products in hands reach, you would need to be online frequently, so we can work together on your project. This can be very challenging and it’s sometimes easier to just let me use my own products. That being said, if you have an item you wish to incorporate into a room, we can sure do that and we’ll work with that item, whether to blend it in or showcase. 

Q) I want to change my home location but keep my house, can I?

A) This is possible, but please give Jack Hanby Interiors at least 1 week in advance & a landmark to your new location, with land, enabled to build so that we can place your house from the current to the new. 

Q) I forgot to pay my tier & everything was removed by the estate, can you put it back down?

A) Without notice from a client, all items that are returned to me, are automatically stored in the ‘Lost & Found folder.’ This folder is always building up, and often a lot of time, it will be put into the ‘trash folder.’ It’s also usually clustered into a pile and can be trouble to puzzle back together unless the project is small, for example; 2 rooms or so. However, if it’s a very large project, unfortunately, I can’t do a whole lot. 

Q) Can I pre-book for a particular month?

A) We can arrange a certain month for you if you like. But if we don’t hear from you 1 week prior to your project, the client on the list behind you will be pushed forward, & your slot will be sifted down the list to the end. 

Q) Other Interior decorators blog houses, do you?

A) The only sort of blogging which we’ll do is taking photos of the client project & submitting it to social media, but we won’t publish any credentials of the project to the public. This keeps your home exclusive & doesn’t let others copy your home.



Re-tailoring – L$2,500

Jumping the queue – L$25,000

Interior or Exterior per space – L$5,000

Interior Store – L$20,000

Interior Club – L$25,000

Interior Weddings – L$ 50,000  

Landscape Parcel Design – L$10,000

Landscape Quarter sim – L$25,000

Landscape Half sim – L$45,000​

Homestead & Full sim (Same land size) – L$65,000

Landscape 2x Full sim – L$115,000