Jack Hanby Interiors Architect & Creative Director
Basil Kardiano

A former Architect, He has accomplished studying within the Performing Arts, and graphic design, whilst completing a degree at R.M.I.T University. A retired creator from IMVU and now adventuring his journey in Second Life graphic design.

Jack Hanby Interiors Exterior Designer & Developer
Isla Smith

Originally raised in Kingston Upon Thames, has remotely been aspired by the growth of mankind verse mother nature. She’s been studying Horticulture and Agriculture at HSIE, and adapted her education in Architectural landscape and Design.

Jack Hanby Interiors Manager
Vaydia Ito-Monday

California native, but currently resides in Boca Raton Florida. From a young age, she has always attended academic art institutes. She is currently perusing a double major in Media Animation, & Game art design. Vaydia currently is advancing her education at the Art Institute of Miami. She is also an event sales coordinator for a fortune 11 company.

Jack Hanby Interiors Interior Stylist
Hannah Roi Nishiki
Jack Hanby Interiors Exterior Stylist
Wendy Joy
Jack Hanby Interiors Website Designer
Glen Sause
Jack Hanby Interiors Videographer
Blenda McMillan