1: is this a full region, homestead, or parcel?

2: How many prims will we be allocated

3: What date(s) will you be looking for? (Be advised all rush order come with additional fee’s per needs) Full Payment will be due upfront

4: Examples Images (at least 10), builds that you would like used Mesh is required, Themes Modern, art deco, Country farmland, Villa etc.
(Pick an inspiring country or culture)

5: Exterior w/ Build, Exterior Only, or Exterior& Interior (Interior is 5,000L per room)

6: Are there pre-existing builds on the land? (including builds in the sky)

The Golden Rules & Regulations

All inquiries about Jack Hanby Interiors services are forbidden via Instagram and Flickr, please use our Facebook page or contact Vadea Resident inworld @ Second Life.

Other platforms will be discarded and ignored to avoid confusion.

a) Jack Hanby Interiors is not a clutter decorating agency.

b) All decor is tailored to the initial home that you chose. You will be charged a 2,500L per room fee that has to be moved and re-tailored (if we are using the same furniture & Style). If not you will be charged a full price per room at the rate of 5,000L per room. We take a lot of time and dedication to make your home perfect.

Being indecisive cost us time and money. So please be sure. There are no refunds.

c) 75% of the cost must be paid upfront the remaining upon completion.

d) Please invite Zhaoi Resident, Kardiano Resident and Vadea Resident to your security orb or sim access list.

e) If your land is deeded to a group, for access please invite Zhaoi Resident, Kardiano Resident and Vadea Resident.

f) Make sure you have added Zhaoi Resident inworld, and please send Zhaoi Resident edit rights, to move your builds to a specific location, once complete you may revoke edit rights.