Director and Interior Designer of Jack Hanby Interiors
Jack Hanby

Jack Hanby Was born in Australia/Melbourne, with indigenous Australian and English cultures. He grew up with his father being a miner & engineer, and mother out going the performing Arts and studying landscape design. Infused with both, Jack has been inspired with the Arts for most of his life.

He believes that it’s a key accessory to understand all the philosophies of Interior Design or Design to speak alone, whilst being able to fully create and maximize to the full potential that’s allocated. Even though his broad in aesthetics and genres, Jack’s quite complex with his eclectic interest to bring two or more together.

Jack’s highly confident with his skill based understandings, to bring an elemental design pallet that’s fresh and unique, whilst being fully capable to provoke a specific interest ahead, with a wide signature of concepts.

Jack’s graduated with an Academic Australian GPA 3.161 qualification in freelance Interior Architecture from the Swinburne University of Technology and uses Second Life as a platform to express his creativity.

With 50+ clients from residential to commercial and with over 10,000+ followings across social media, it’s safe to say, that Jack’s been gifted and appreciated for his raw talent. Jack’s been a featured stylist for Love To Decorate magazine, exclusively featured in Knight Lifestyle living and VOM magazine.

Jack’s familiar with Architectural programs such as; Auto-Desk, AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Maya and V-RAY.
To see his real-life projects, they can be viewed on Jack’s Flickr page.